Other than the growth of Protestantism which swept throughout Europe in the 16th century, the reformation had far reaching effects in the social economical lives of Europe and is credited to the rapid development of the continent to the 1st world status.
Earlier on, occupations other than the calling to priesthood were considered to be carnal and of lesser value. The monasteries where people who felt called went to pray meditate and nurture their calling, away from the sinful, worldly and mundane values grew in value.
However Martin Luther is credited with changing this state by introducing the general faith of Christians, the aspect of integrating faith into the daily chores of Christians. He emphasized on Col3:23,”whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord.”Trade, farming and other forms of work were considered to be religious and as a service unto the Lord.
This simple paradigm shift had effect of transforming the whole Europe which by that time was less developed than the East into a bastion of education and thrift. This shows that the practice of faith will have a positive impact in transformation of nations.
As our country gears up for the general elections in March 2013,we should know that rhetoric alone and classification of leaders into reformers and anti-reformers is not the gauge of what will bring transformation in the nation.
What will bring the true transformation is the inculcation of faith into the affairs of life. The word of God should be transferred from the pulpits and pews and taken into the market place where it should be allowed to affect the way we do our business, the way we relate, plan and our politics too.
Everything should be done as a spiritual endevour whose aim should be to serve God and mankind.
Yes whatever we do must be done as unto the Lord.
From the Pastors Desk
Rev Mwaniki Karura
Senior Pastor
Gospel Outreach Church Thika

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