The royal palace in Tehran, ran has one of the most beautiful entrances of all palaces in the world today. As one enters the royal palace the ceilings, sidewalls and columns seem to be covered in diamonds. When the royal palace was planned the architects sent an order to Paris for mirrors to cover the entrance walls. The mirrors finally arrived in their crates.
When they took the crates apart ,all the broken pieces fell out. They were all smashed when being transported .They were going to throw them away when one of the men had an idea to see how the broken pieces would look if they fitted them together.
The result is an enormous distortion in reflections and it sparkles with diamond like colors. Broken to be more beautiful!
That is exactly what God can do with broken pieces of our lives if we just turn it over to Him. We can learn from the life of Job how to endure the hurts that we experience in this life. Job 1:8 gives us Gods description of Job, “my servant Job………… blameless and upright.”What if God mentioned your name in heaven? What would he say? He has his eye on you; He knows exactly where you are spiritually. Then Satan asks “Does job fear God for nothing?”{Job 1:9}
Satan accuses Job of a religion based on blessings. Is your faith based on Gods great earthly advantages? Satan continues “You have put a hedge around him and his households and everything he has “What an encouragement for those who will give their all to God that; His divine protection is too strong for the devil to penetrate without first having permission from God. Satan does not have as much power as God. He has as much power as God allows him to have.
Satan has no control over Christian’s life unless God gives it to him. In Luke 22:31 Jesus told Peter,” Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat “Notice Satan had to ask for permission in the New as well as the Old Testament. Satan pushes God to torture Job to a great extent.
Thinking that Jobs faith was based on His prosperity, Satan destroyed all of Jobs possessions to cause Him to openly renounce God .And how did Job respond?”Job got up and tore his rob………..then he fell to the ground to worship {Job 1:20} Job does a powerful thing amidst his hurt-he worships God.
Notice Job doesn’t ask the three questions we always ask when tragedy strikes. WHY is this happening to me? WHERE is God? WHEN will my suffering end? Instead we are told that in all this, Job did not sin by charging God with wrong doing. Jobs patience and resignation utterly disappoints Satan; he found a man who loved God more than his earthly portion. This was a rare case even in the experience of the devil.
He had seen multitudes that bartered their God for material possessions in the present life and for blessings in the world to come. He therefore inferred that Job ,in similar circumstances would act like the others; he was disappointed.
Job had a real relationship with God that had nothing to do with his circumstances, possessions or position in life. When His wife told Him to curse God and die, He replied, “Shall we accept good from God and not trouble?”Do we lose confidence in God when He removes all our comfort? Is this our understanding of God, to receive only good from Him and not trouble? Do we have a choice? We have no choice in what God gives us whether its good or bad, we only have a choice in how we respond to what God gives us. Jobs wife responds with her emotions ,”curse God and die “Job responds with faith,”I’ll take whatever God gives me.”
God doesn’t give us what we want; He gives us what we need.
From the Pastors Desk
Rev Mwaniki Karura
Senior Pastor
Gospel Outreach Church Thika

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